Granite Questions

What thickness is appropriate for Granite countertops?

The appropriate thickness for Granite meant for kitchen countertops is one inch and a quarter to cater for the structural requirements. Those meant for vanities may be thinner.


Will my countertop be damaged if I cut on it?

No it will not. Granite is typically hard and can resist any type of cut even by the sharpest knife. It is however not recommended because it will damage your knives since they will become dull even after a single use. It is advisable that you use a cutting board made from wood or plastic.


Can Granite surfaces get damaged?

Just like other types of surfaces, blows characterized by high impact will damage the granite surface.  Granite can chip as a result of using sharp objects because they have a crystalline structure. If the granite is not sealed then it will absorb fluids and this will cause discoloration as well as dark spots thus making it dull. However, the heat from the pans and other burning liquids will not have any impact on granite.

Will my kitchen counter have the pits as seen in my granite sample?

 The tiny spaces or pits seen in granite are a result of the crystalline nature of its structure. These pits will not be visible on larger surfaces because they come with a surface that is mirror like and polished.  Most of the granite stones may come with naturally occurring fissures that are formed as a result of the extremely high pressure and heat. These are not defects in their structure and therefore will have no impact on the function as well as the durability of the stone.


Can I place Hot pots on the granite countertops?

Since granite is formed as a result of extremely high heat and pressure under the earth’s crust, it will not have any types of effects such as discoloration or cracking if you place a hot pan on it.


Will Granite Chip?

Granite surfaces will only chip when high impact tools such as hammers have been used on them. The hip can be fixed by use of granite dust alongside epoxy mixture. In case this happens on your countertop, you should keep the pieces as they can be used to repair the counter top and other people will not be able to tell it was chipped, after it has been fixed.

Is Granite prone to cracking?

Under regular use, granite will not crack, because the process will not cause a lot of stress on this material considered to be strong and durable. The only time granite can crack is when it is being shipped and installed.

Can I cantilever using Granite?

Yes.  Granite can be cantilevered up to 14” as long as it has adequate support using a piece that is large enough on the end where it is fixed. You should never cantilever this material in places where it will be exposed to excessive stress such as someone stepping or sitting on it.  For these situations, you must have sufficient support underneath.


Can I repair Granite?

Although it is hard to damage granite, if this happens, you need to use an epoxy mixture wit the granite dust to fix it.


Do seams in Granite show?

Granite is mined in blocks and in this case you will find seams. The seams are also visible because the materials are sold in rectangles and you can save a lot of cash by using seams. Seams’ visibility is determined by the patterns, color, and the granularity in the pieces you have. Those granite pieces with large patterns of grain will have seams that are more visible as compared to the small and uniform grain. When it comes to color, the dark colors will have less visible seams as compared to the light-colored ones.  The pieces with uniform patterns will have less visible seams as those with dramatic patterns with colors. Despite all this, many customers are more concerned over the beauty of the granite pieces, then over  the seams.


Will my granite surface stain?

All natural stones come with different levels of porosity. Granite is among those with minimum levels because mot of its colors would never indicate moisture.  After a long period of use, some of the moisture will be visible in a few colors. After installation, our professional team will seal the granite countertops.  You may also opt to purchase those cleaners that come with sealers to enable them carry out two processes at the same time: cleaning and sealing.


What is the way I should clean my granite countertop?

The granite should be cleaned with mild cleaners like dish soap and warm water, although it is recommended that you use cleaners that are specially formulated for the surface. If you opt to use warm water and soap, you need to know that the soap might build up. The granite cleaner requires sitting for approximately 30 seconds before it is wiped off by use of a soft cloth. Some of them come with sealers meaning that the surface will still be protected when it is being cleaned.


Will the granite I have ordered be similar to the sample I saw on the internet?

Some of the images that are on the internet are digitally processed and they may not contain the correct color tones as a result of the varying computer screens and systems. The other reason for the variation is the result of the natural appearance of granite which comes with different types of colors, granularity, patterns as well as tone. This contributes to the natural beauty of the stone. It is recommended that you visit our showroom for more detailed image.


How is Granite formed?

As the igneous rock, Granite is crystalline in nature, both in terms of texture and formation. It contains feldspar, mica and quartz. The formation starts with the cooling and compression of the liquid magma within the core of the earth. The compression takes place over a millions of years; afterwards it is quarried and polished after it has been cut.  It can then be used in different surfaces around the home including the countertops, Jacuzzi, fireplaces and other areas as the desired by the homeowner.

What is the cost of granite?

The overall cost of this material range from one piece to another as per the edge profile, the color, and the shapes used. We offer buyers a wide range of competitive prices along with excellent service. Our buyers can use the estimate tool to find the right price for their needs. Using this tool will give you an estimate and will not take a lot of your time to complete.



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