Marble Questions

Can I use marble for the kitchen countertop?

Marbles are not recommended for the kitchen countertops because of their softness and porosity. The marbles that are resilient are also prone to staining and therefore should not be used if you will prepare, cook and serve food on a frequent basis. The marbles from our company do not come with any form of warranty.  


How is Granite different from marble?

Granite is denser as compared to marble because is formed within the core of the earth while marble is formed by the sedimentation under the seabed. Although they both solidify after years, they contain different types of minerals that make them respond differently to different types of household cleaners and chemicals. Although they are both from the same source- the earth, they have clear differences. Granite is formed under very high temperatures causing it to crystallize into resistant and hard natural stone while marble is formed from the solidification of materials such as animal skeletons, plant silt and sediments that are formed under the sea bed. The main component of marble is calcium and this means that the surfaces can be affected by acidic products such as beverages with citrus and vinegar.


Where can marble be used?

There are many places where marble can be used. These include tabletops, shelves saddles and fireplaces. It can also be applied to other surfaces such as shower paneling, vanities, Jacuzzi surrounds and floors.  They are ideal for the places that experience low levels of traffic.




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